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Bandido Fiber Wax 125 ml

Bandido Fiber Paste Wax fibrous paste provides a firm fixation of the hairstyle and a shiny finish. The paste allows you to create interesting hairstyles. The cosmetic can easily be removed from the hair with a comb. The paste does not stick to the strands and does not burden them

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Wahl Corded Hair Clipper 100 series

Wahl Corded Hair Clipper 100 series: WAHL use high precision grinding technology, providing a superior cutting performance for you with the finer teeth. Given with 4 attachments combs: No. 1 Guide comb, cutting length 3mmm No. 2 Guide comb, cutting length 6mm No. 3 Guide comb, cutting length 10 mm No. 4 Guide comb, cutting length 13 mm This mains...

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Wahl T-Pro Compact Trimmer

Wahl T-Pro Compact Trimmer: afro trimming type Mains operated compact trimmer Features a T Blade to prevent ingrowing hairs High carbon steel blades Pre shave brush 1-3 attachment combs Cleaning Brush and clipper oil.

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